Group station calculation test (Allgemeines)

Antoine C. @, Paris, Thursday, 01.10.2020, 09:11 (vor 1246 Tagen)

In the context of group station calculation, we would like to create fixed links between double points of the geodetic network. Physically, we have for example 2 measurement stations, one has references; the other does not. The 2 measurement stations are connected to each other thanks to close points measured by the 2 stations. These close points are called double points; they have fixed vectors.
Thus, at the input of JAG3D, we would like to insert 2 types of fixed data: the coordinates of the reference prisms and the fixed vectors between the double points.
We tried to insert this information as a GNSS3D vector between the double points of the network but it did not work: the vectors were considered as observations and readjusted. We could insert them in the Hz, V, D observations but we did not find the option to consider an observation as fixed. Could you help us on this point?
Thank you,
Antoine C.

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