JAG3D Deformation monitoring of sites. (Geodäsie/Vermessung)

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Hello Jokin,

Is there any englids-written document where you describe how the JAG3D works internally?

No, I'm sorry but the JAG3D-GUI is translated into English.

I am trying to go through the examples, but I am not able to identify all the outputs

You take a look at this example? At the end of this article, you will get the simulated data. Each file, with contains a _1 is a part of the first epoch (null-epoch) and _2 denotes the second one.

Notice again, the point-ids at the observation-files, e.g. there are 201-210 instead of 101-110 at the strecken_2.txt file!

Checking the observations separately and carry out a freenet adjustment for each epoch.
Epoch 1 - Imports:
datumspunkte.txt --> Datum Point 2D
eoche_1_neupunkte_2d.txt --> New Point 2D
r[0-9]_1.txt --> Direction
strecken_1.txt --> Distance2D

and start an adjustment. Adapt the stochastic model, exclude outliers, ...

Make a new project and do the same for epoch 2.
Epoch 2 - Imports:
datumspunkte.txt --> Datum Point 2D
eoche_2_neupunkte_2d.txt --> New Point 2D
r[0-9]_2.txt --> Direction
strecken_2.txt --> Distance2D

[image]Now, import all files in a projekt together and adapt your determined stochastic model. Allocate the observation groups (epoch 1 or epoch 2) and start the adjustment (see screenshot).

This is a briefly instruction, maybe you can give me more details of your current problems with JAG3D?

kind regards

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