JAG3D Deformation monitoring of sites. (Geodäsie/Vermessung)

Jokin, Tuesday, 04.10.2011, 12:11 (vor 4642 Tagen) @ MichaeL


First of all, thanks for your answer and sorry for my very delayed answer. I am really tied up this semester.

Yes, the example you pointed me to is the one I am using as my testing. I want to reproduce all the results step by step and sometimes it is hard without knowing the meaning of some of the variables. Anyway, I think that I will be able to sort it out.

I want to use the GAMA software to compute the network solutions. I f you want me to, I will send you the solutions, but this will take sometime.

Again, thanks and congratulations for easing the so-cumbersome deformation modelling procedures.

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