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Hi SarhatAdam,

"calculation aborted, iteration number has reached maximum (mx/dx =2.378) would you like to see the last solution?"

The Value is 2.378E+104 - note the E+104.

First, I check your date and make a simple sketch.


It is easy to see, that there is a leverage point far away from the point group. You have to eliminate outliers or, if you know the reason, revise the points. In your case, I belive it is a typing error. The sign of point 73 is interchanged:

72 10.1954 -3.4978 0.3293
73 -10.245 3.6582 0.1989
74 10.2488 -3.6741 0.1991

I changed it to:

73 10.245 -3.6582 0.1989

and got the following solution with the FormFittingToolbox:

Mx 10.135203018 0.000548132
My -3.469062048 0.000988097
Mz  0.292279887 0.000588639
Nx -0.784882919 0.001796108
Ny  0.619618011 0.002276894
Nz  0.005685347 0.002481430
α   2.610069091 0.002119551

The apex of the cone data is (10.156930,-3.498146,-1.440301).

Check your a priori information about the apex, because there is no point with a z-value nether 1m.

kind regards

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