Form Analysis of cone with FormFittingToolbox (Geodäsie/Vermessung)

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Hi Sarhat,

thank you for your reply.

Yes, it is perfectly work in cygwin from Win7.

You don't need cygwin to run this application. Do you have installed the java runtime enviroment on your win7 computer (and is this installation in your environment variable)?

You can test your installation online - Check to ensure that you have the recommended version of Java installed for your operating system.

If the test failed, please install the current version from http://java.com/ for win7. Check your installed version and open a command line window and tip:

java -version

What replies your computer?


If you get an answer like java is an unknown command, the java-command is unknown. You can add the bin-directory (e.g. c:\java\jre\bin\) to your environment variables or you work with the absolute path like:

c:\java\jre\bin\java -jar -Xms200m -Xmx500m ConeFFT.jar points.txt

Hope it works!

kind regards

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