Abbreviations in JAG3D's FormFittingToolbox (Geodäsie/Vermessung)

Balata, Thursday, 29.11.2012, 18:58 (vor 4244 Tagen)
bearbeitet von MichaeL, Thursday, 29.11.2012, 19:57

Hi, I used your nice software ( JAG3D.exe) for fitting cone and others object. From the statistical report after fitting object (e.g cone, sphere and plane)
Can I ask what rx, ry, rz, and how T-post and T priori have been calculated for each point after fitting. Also are these (σx, σy, and σz)mean standard deviation of a number of iteration for each point.
I would be happy if you could explain each elements in the statistical result of fitting object such as (rx,ry,rz; T-priori, T-post; σx, σy, and σz )


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