Abbreviations in JAG3D's FormFittingToolbox (Geodäsie/Vermessung)

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Hi Balata,

Can I ask what rx, ry, rz,

r{x,y,z} denotes the redundancy of the coordinate component of each point. The sum is equal to the degree of freedom of the least squares problem. The value is defined between 0 \le r \le 1 (or similar 0-100%).

and how T-post and T priori have been calculated for each point after fitting.

Both values are derived by a multiple test. It is a generalization of Baarda's data-snooping. A description is published by e.g. Jäger et al. or Koch. The formulas are also given in equation (16) and (17).

Also are these (σx, σy, and σz) mean standard deviation of a number of iteration for each point.

I'm not sure what do you mean with number of iteration for each point. With σ{x,y,z} the uncertainties of a point is given. These values are taken from the estimated variance-covariance-matrix of the observations.

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