Orthogonal Distance Fit of a Pyramid (Geodäsie/Vermessung)

Balata, Wednesday, 10.04.2013, 03:18 (vor 4112 Tagen) @ MichaeL

Hi Michael,
I haven't being contact you for a long time because I was so busy with my writing phD thesis. Finally, I have submitted my thesis. And as I told you after I finish the viva, I will send a final copy of it to you. I'm now preparing myself for the exam

I have a question related to the LM algorithm. As I used JAG3D v.3.3 for fitting my targets. As I knew there was a list of Levenberg- Marquardt damping value μ. the algorithm acts to the Guass Newton (GN) method for very small value of damping parameter, and acts as the method of gradient decent for a large value of damping. The question here what is the damping value? could you please help to explain this LM damping value, because LM algorithm is adaptive by controlling its damping value. Therefore, this factor is important to be asked.
Kindly regards

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