Orthogonal Distance Fit of a Pyramid (Geodäsie/Vermessung)

Balata, Saturday, 13.04.2013, 02:28 (vor 4110 Tagen) @ MichaeL

Hi Mechae,
Thanks a lot for your nice answer. I also have a problem with the software JAG3D v.3.3, it doesn't work, when run it the message will appear " could not start the application" even with the new version the same message. I don't know, the problem in my computer " operating system" or the in the software, which might be needs some files to be downloaded separately such as crack files.

In orthogonal distance fit pyramid you said " I used a combined algorithm which estimates the 4 plane parameters and the apex in one pour, formulated as a Gauß-Helmert model with unknowns in the restrictions. The Octave(quick and dirty) code"
what are the two algorithms? what is the Octave(quick and dirty) code (i.e. why its name quick and dirty).


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